Rotoflex wind directional cowls

The Rotoflex chimney cowls are devices that utilize wind power for chimney draft support.


When to use?


    Installation on the exits of flue gas and smoke chimneys


    To improve and stabilize a chimney draft


    In the situation of an unfavorable placement of a chimney exit, and air swirls causing the chimney to work improperly


    If the building is located in a strong wind zone


    To protect the duct against precipitation

Nasada kominowa Rotoflex v2

    High efficiency achieved by a suitably shaped cowl cover


    Good resistance to the aggressive flue gas environment thanks to the stainless steel construction

     Solid construction based on 0.8 mm thick steel


    Durable rotation mechanism based on ball bearings that work in high-temperature oil


    Easy access to a chimney achieved by the ability to open the upper part of the cowl

Nasada kominowa Rotoflex v2


Gas, fuel oil


Coal (cob coal, bean coal), lignite

Biomass (pellet, briquette)


Type material

Other information

Rotation mechanism: oil-lubricated rolling bearings

Warranty 2 years

This product is CE certified

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