The renovation elbow is an innovative solution in the segment of steel chimney systems. It enables the installation of a new chimney system that evacuates flue gas from boilers with a closed combustion chamber in the existing steel liner (Ø100, Ø125, Ø130), without having to rebuild it. It is used whenever replacing boilers with atmospheric burners into modern and safe boilers with a closed combustion chamber (turbo and condensing). The special design of the elbow allows it to be mounted without having to dismantle the steel tee, and thus without disassembling the brickwork. A unique solution of the elbow is also a shaped stand that provides stable support for the elbow at the right place. The stand additionally transfers the weight of the entire flue system to the tee of the existing liner. For the proper insertion of vertical flue pipes into an existing steel liner and joining them to the elbow, a centering clamp is used

renowacja kominow kolano


Kocioł gazowy kondensacyjny

Gas, fuel oil

System kominowy pracujący w nadciśnieniu

Turbo and condensing boilers (system working in positive pressure)


Komin z stali nierdzewnej 1.4301

Material Type

Material thickness 0,5 mm

Other information

Połączenia kielichowe z uszczelką

Hub-and-spigot joint with a gasket


This product is CE certified

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