Elements for the distribution of hot air from fireplaces

The ventilation systems of rectangular cross-section have many applications, among others: ventilation systems made inside walls from plasterboards, systems that convey air for combustion in fireplaces, systems that distribute warm air from fireplaces, etc. The ventilation elements are made of galvanised steel sheet, 0.5 mm thick, in two sizes: 50 x 150 mm and 90 x 200 mm. The elements are spot welded. The variety of fittings allows the construction of quite complex systems, also with the change of the cross section to round</span
The system is fixed to the ground by a rectangular clamp. Joining the individual parts is done through an internal connector

Dystrybucja gorącego powietrza DGP


Intended use: distribution of warm air from fireplaces


Material type (galvanized steel)