Chimney liners

Chimney liners are designed for the evacuation of flue gas from boilers with an open combustion chamber. They allow the modernization of a boiler room by adapting the existing brick chimneys to new working conditions. A flexible tube, which is connected to the other fittings with a reducing nipple, can be very useful in a chimney shaft which has an offset

kwasoodporny wkład kominowy


Komin do kotła gazowego konwencjonalnego

Gas, fuel oil

Komin do kotła na drewno


Komin do kotła na pelet


Komin do kotła atmosferycznego

Boilers with an open combustion chamber (system working in negative pressure)


Komin ze stali nierdzewnej

Material type

Komin ze stali kwasoodpornej

Material type

Other information

Material thickness 0,5-0,6 mm

Hub-and-spigot joint 50 mm


This product is CE certified