Heat-resistant insulated double-walled chimneys

The heat-resistant insulated double-walled chimneys are designed for the evacuation of flue gas from solid fuel boilers. They function as independent external chimneys, usually mounted to the wall of a building. They are characterized by increased material thickness and resistance to high temperatures – also including soot fires.

Komin izolowany zaroodporny


Komin do kotła na drewno


Komin do kotła na węgiel

Coal (cob coal, bean coal), lignite

Komin do kotła na pelet

Biomass (pellet, briquette)


Komin z stali kwasoodpornej

Material type

Komin ze stali nierdzewnej

Material type

Material thickness 0,8-1,0 mm

Thickness of the mineral wool insulation 40-50 mm

Other information

Komin do wysokiej temperatury 600

Max temperature of flue gas 600 °C

Hub-and-spigot joint 100 mm


This product is CE certified