Insulated double-walled chimneys

The insulated double-walled chimneys are designed for the evacuation of flue gas from gas and oil boilers with an open combustion chamber. They function as independent external chimneys, most often mounted to the wall of a building. The system consists of: an internal pipe, which evacuates flue gas, mineral wool insulation, and outer jacket. The insulation prevents the chimney from cooling, which largely improves its work

Komin izolowany do kotla gazowego


Komin do kotła gazowego konwencjonalnego

Gas, fuel oil

Komin do kotła na drewno


Komin do kotła na pelet


Komin do kotła atmosferycznego

Boilers with an open combustion chamber (system working in negative pressure)

Max temperature of flue gases 400 °C


Komin ze stali kwasoodpornej

Material Type (acid-resistant steel)

Material thickness 0,5-0,6 mm

Insulation thickness 40-50 mm

Other information

Komin połączenia kielichowe 50 mm

Hub-and -spigot joint 50 mm



This product is CE certified