Double-walled turbo chimney systems

The double-walled turbo chimney systems are designed for the evacuation of flue gas from condensing boilers. They function as independent chimneys or fittings when connected to a single-walled system. The system consists of two coaxial pipes: an internal pipe that evacuates flue gas and an external pipe that supplies air for combustion. This solution allows the installation to work regardless of the ventilation in the room where the system is located. Tightness of the system is achieved by silicone gaskets placed in the hub-and-spigot joints of the internal flue gas pipes

komin dwuscienny do kotla kondensacyjnego


Kocioł gazowy kondensacyjny

Gas, fuel oil

System kominowy pracujący w nadciśnieniu

Turbo and condensing boilers (system working in positive pressure)


Komin z stali nierdzewnej 1.4301

Material type

Material thickness 0,4-0,5 mm

Other information

Połączenia kielichowe z uszczelką

Hub-and -spigot joint with a gasket


This product is CE certified